Includes your choice of four mains, one salad, one drink and one dessert

4 meals/$70 

2 meals/$40




portobello mushroom fajitas​

jackfruit carnitas

​smoky tomato-cilantro rice 

refried black beans 

pineapple and poblano salsa

locally grown lettuce 

corn and flour tortillas 

​mexican street corn salad


iced hibiscus - choice of  unsweetened or sweetened with your choice of stevia, sugar or agave

vegan cinnamon dark chocolate brownies



vegetable hekka: shiitake mushrooms, cabbage, carrots, onion, bamboo shoots and glass noodles stir fried in a ginger- garlic gravy 

pastele stew: green jackfruit simmered in tomato sauce deeply flavored with spanish spices and finished with black olives and cilantro

​mushroom long rice: glass noodles served in a mushroom ginger broth with cabbage, meaty roasted oyster mushrooms and green onion

​vegan mac salad 

rice pudding​

fresh seasonal fruit, may include: coconut meat, lilikoi, mango, hawaiian apple banana, lychee, longon, rambutan, jackfruit, star apple, cherimoya, sapote, chikoo, raw macadamia nuts and more

​fresh coconut water 




herbed chickpea and white bean panzanella with local sourdough, kauai grown heirloom tomatoes and roasted garlic dressing​

seasonal vegetable pappardelle: chioggia beets, ō'hí'ō ferns, and green peas saúteed in a buttery meyer lemon sauce and served atop fresh vegan pasta. topped with mac-nut parm and fried garlic​​

eggplant and kale lasagna 

shiitake and oyster mushroom risotto​

kale caesar salad 

rosemary lemonade- choice of  unsweetened or sweetened with your choice of stevia, sugar or agave

triple ginger snaps 



assorted vegan sushi with avocado

buckwheat soba noodles 

roasted seasonal vegetables 

braised bok choy 

forbidden rice pad thai noodles with sauteed okra, snow peas, heirloom green beans and a miso ginger dressing served on a bed of local lettuce 

crispy orange ginger tofu 

iced jasmine tea- choice of  unsweetened or sweetened with your choice of stevia, sugar or agave

tahitian vanilla & matcha cashew cheesecake with fresh mango*

*this ingredient is based upon seasonal availability 



quinoa tabbouleh

preserved lemon, rosemary and hemp seed oil white bean hummus

fire roasted baba ganoush 

marinated heirloom tomatoes

crispy balsamic chickpeas

roasted beet and fennel salad with arugula and vegan feta 

toasted pita bread

locally grown lettuce, spinach and lacinato kale

vegan coconut cake with dark chocolate coconut frosting 

mint lemonade- choice of  unsweetened or sweetened with your choice of stevia, sugar or agave



avocado summer rolls with edible flowers 

cashew tofu with miso-garlic sauce

thai tofu-cucumber salad with butter lettuce shells 

seasonal red vegetable curry 

green papaya salad with heirloom tomatoes and green beans 

roasted eggplant salad with kaffir lime dressing and fresh mint 

coconut milk jasmine rice

coconut milk tapioca with seasonal fruit and cacao nibs



vegan mac and cheese with homemade cashew cream

spinach and artichoke pasta bake  

shepherds pie filled with sweet corn, mushrooms, golden beets, peas, yellow lentils and more with cauliflower-potato crust and miso gravy

scalloped potatoes 

vegan lasagna with roasted eggplant or kale, or plain 

mashed potatoes and mushroom gravy 

seasonal steamed or  roasted vegetable medley  

classic kale salad 

tossed green salad with heirloom tomatoes and homemade ranch 



fresh coconut milk (best used within four days after delivery, unless frozen)

$10 per quart/$8 each for three or more quarts



vegan cookies by the dozen: triple gingersnaps, chocolate chip macadamia nut, oatmeal raisin. can be made GF upon request.


buckwheat banana bread, GF upon request 




vanilla reishi cashew cheesecake topped with seasonal fruit 

rose dark chocolate lion's mane cashew cheesecake with fig crust

5.5" x 7" cheesecake/$30