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Island Style 

Taro cakes with charred green onion, miso cream and tobiko

Local greens with papaya seed dressing

Pepita Crusted Ahi with papaya salsa

Coconut Jasmine Rice

Gingersnap Haupia with rum baked bananas 


Ahi Mango and poke with toasted coconut dressing

Wontons with Hawaiian style pesto

Scallops in tangelo sauce

Macadamia Fried rice

Kabocha pumpkin custard with kauai chocolate ganache



Taste of Thailand

Summer rolls with spicy thai dipping sauce

Satay Shrimp, Tofu, chicken, or beef

Thai beef salad

Green Papaya Salad

Hot and Sour soup with coconut milk

Thai Curry (red, yellow, or green)

Chicken Pad Thai

Ahi Evil Jungle Prince

Jasmine rice

pineapple fried rice

Mango sticky rice

Orange blossom tapioca with fresh fruit



Italian cuisine

Herb Foccacia

Grilled Eggplant with Garlic Chili Goat Cheese

Cappelini with lemon and basil

Ravioli with potato, mushroom, and garlic sauce

Organic Greens with creamy balsamic vinnagrette

Lemon Cake with bitersweet chocolate glaze



Corn Fritters with pineapple salsa


Yucatan lime soup with Garlic, tomatoes, and oregano

Prawns Stuffed with Goat cheese on tomato Coulis

Almond Polenta poundcake with fresh fruit


Additional Menus Upon Request

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